About D'Lynn Beauty

Flawless Hair Extensions

D'Lynn Beauty focuses on providing the best quality in hair extensions. We understand your concern for wanting to receive the best quality of hair at affordable prices, which is why we only accept the best 100% raw hair available. We seek to satisfy our customers by providing great customer care and products.

We have a good variety of hair extensions, including straight and wavy each in various lengths. All the hair textures are raw hair in order to help provide the customer with more opportunity to cut, color, and style it that best meet their needs. Our hair is expected to maintain its great quality when properly cared for. 

We DO NOT source hair from China where it is mass produced with synthetic products, animal hair, and hair collected from brushes. That kind of hair has been processed with chemicals and dye then labeled as "virgin hair".

As we strive for customer satisfaction we thank each D'Lynn Beauty customer, and we encourage that everyone provide us with follow up pictures and reviews so that we will know how to improve our service and products, in order to make each experience a great hair day experience.